Frequently Asked Questions

We want to address any questions or concerns you have about water treatment or services. See our FAQ below for quick answers to common questions or contact us for further information.

Why Treat Your Water?

Water is an essential resource. Aside from the air we breathe, water is the next most important resource in promoting and sustaining life.

Water is known as the universal solvent, which means that it dissolves everything it comes in contact with. Environmental, industrial and chemical contamination can cause offensive odors, unsightly particles and dissolved impurities in our water.

Treating the Water that Touches Your Life!

Eliminating water problems adds to the quality of your life and promotes a healthy life style. When you think about all the things you use water for every day, drinking, cooking, bathing, laundering, and cleaning, it just makes sense to use the very best water possible.

Treated water not only tastes better, it feels better too!

Your body is 70% water and relies on water for many of it’s functions. There are many benefits to drinking the recommended 8 glasses per day and when water tastes good, it’s just that much easier to do! Removing things like chlorine, lead and offensive odors makes water truly clean, refreshing and healthful.

Clean, treated water makes an amazing difference in the kitchen too! Enjoy great tasting beverages, tea, coffee and juice. Bring out the wonderful flavour in everything you cook. Soups, pasta, rice and vegetables never tasted so good. Just add clean purified water and taste the difference!

Soft, conditioned water in the laundry room makes for softer clothes, towels and linens that not only feel great but will last longer. Save up to 70% on detergents, shampoos and cleaning supplies too! An AV Water Systems water conditioner will pay for itself in no time!

Conditioned chlorine free water in your shower or bathtub will eliminate hard water build up and the unpleasant effects of chlorine on your skin and hair. Skin is softer, and hair is shinier. What’s not to love about feeling and looking great!

Conditioned water takes the labor out of house cleaning. Hard water causes residue and soap scum on tiles, fixtures, and other surfaces. Reduce your cleaning time by 25% and enjoy spending more time on the things you love to do!

Why Choose Reverse Osmosis Water ?

The fewer contaminants, inorganic minerals and heavy metals in the water you drink, the more effective it is in providing benefits. Reverse osmosis water is free of impurities such as sodium, lead, chlorine, mercury, heavy metals and inorganic minerals. It’s as pure as water gets, giving you peace of mind and optimal health benefits.

If you could pulverize a stone into a fine powder and add it to a glass of water, would you? Contrary to popular belief, the minerals in spring and tap waters are inorganic and have no nutritional value.
In fact, calcification of inorganic minerals in the body can result in kidney and gallbladder stones as well as calcified deposits in joints.

Choose AV Water Systems – Your body will thank you for it!

What are the benefits from Alkaline Water ?

1. Alka pi Filter changes your ordinary water into …
• Better structured water that enhances body’s immune responses
• Better hydrating water that your body loves
• Functional water that enhances overall cellular activities
• Enhanced water that helps absorb nutrients better
• Oxygen and Hydrogen Rich Anti-Oxidant water that fights premature aging and slow aging
• Anti-bacterial water that prohibits reproduction of bacteria and virus
• Structure enhanced Hexagonal Water which helps restore health
• Source of Essential Minerals: Natural calcium, magnesium, sodium, and potassium ionized minerals are absorbed 100%
• Great tasting water: Enjoy light, clean and smooth taste. Ionized Calcium adds tint of sweetness to the water. Once you taste Alka pi water, you’ll appreciate the taste of clean pure alkaline water.
• Healthy water permanently: Alka pi water does not return to the original state before becoming alkaline. In fact, Alka pi water is the only alkaline water that stays alkaline calcium ionized hexagonal water permanently, even when exposed to sunlight.

2. World’s First Natural Alkaline Ionized Calcium Filter
• Breakthrough technology changes ordinary water to alkaline ionized calcium hexagonal water naturally.
• Patented Bio-Cal ceramic immediately releases ionized calcium to surrounding water, the same way natural spring water is made.
• No need for electricity and not an electric water ionizer.

3. Helps Protect From Various Diseases
• Many diseases and ailments that are caused by over-acidity in our body, such as osteoporosis, diabetes, high blood pressure, skin disorders, stomach and geriatric problems and various types of cancer, may be prevented and their conditions may improve. Drink 5 glasses of Alka pi water every day in addition to your regular diet and routine to optimize the benefit and your health.

4. Safe …Approved by FDA
• Alka pi filter is the only alkaline filter that is tested safe under FDA Safety Standard.

5. For Those Who Already Have Water Purifier
• Alka pi Filter from AV Water Systems can be easily added to many other existing water purifiers.

Is all Alkaline water the same?

No, not all alkaline water are created equal. Depending on what is inside the alkaline water, it can promote better health or discourage health. Alkaline water that is pure and safe from toxins and pollution (from both chemical and vibraional), contains good quality alkaline minerals like calcium and is hexagonally structured is considered the best. Popularity of alkaline water is ever growing fast. However, consumers should take caution when choosing good quality water because the word “alkaline water” or pH of the water could be meaningless without the structure of the water or the presence of health benefitting minerals.

AV Water Systems makes superior quality drinking water for those who want to taste the best water and get the maximum benefit water can give.

How does a water distiller work?

It’s a 7-Stage Purification Process.

1. The first stage of the pre-filter cartridge effectively reduces sediment.

2. The solid carbon block cartridge significantly reduces volatile organic compounds (VOCs) such as trihalomethanes, chlorine, chloroform, chlorinated hydrocarbons, herbicides, and pesticides.

3. This pre-filtered water is heated to 212° F(100° C) killing microbes such as bacteria, cysts and viruses that may be present.

4. Steam rises, leaving behind dead microbes, dissolved solids, salts, heavy metals, and other substances.

5. The vent system releases low-boiling light gases (residual VOCs). Steam is cooled in the stainless steel condenser.

6. This final filter enhances taste and purity by adsorption, aeration and degasification.

7. Purified/distilled water is collected and stored in the stainless steel reservoir.

How often should I clean my water cooler?

Your cooler’s reservoir should be flushed, cleaned and sanitized every 6 to 12 months, depending on the amount of water used and the sanitary conditions of the cooler location. It would be most convenient to do this at a time when an empty bottle needs replacement. Clean your water cooler with the Biomax Cleaning Kit – Safely · Effective · Easy. The Biomax cleaner is Odourless and Tasteless.

Remove Harmful Bacteria using these three simple steps:

Add Biomax Cleaning Kit to empty cooler

Wait 15 minutes

Drain and Drink (Odourless & Tasteless)

The Biomax Cleaning Kit is available at AV Water Systems. At AV Water Systems we also provide a cooler cleaning service. Contact us today!