Alkaline Water Purifiers

Alka π 100 is the world’s most natural, powerful, convenient and economical alkaline water purifier.

Our finest Alka π (pi) 100 produces Purified Alkaline Calcium Ionized Water naturally without using electricity. The 6-step reverse osmosis procedure ensures the water is purified and is safe from toxic impurities and heavy metals before going through restructuring process. Alkapuro’s Alka π (pi) ceramic (patented) restructures acidic purified water by adding essential minerals (ionized calcium, sodium, potassium, and magnesium) to become natural alkaline reduced calcium ionized water, the best water for better health. You can enjoy the great-tasting, world’s one and only Natural Alkaline Calcium Ionized water right at your home and office.

Alka pi Filter changes your ordinary water into …
• Better structured water that enhances body’s immune responses
• Better hydrating water that your body loves
• Functional water that enhances overall cellular activities
• Enhanced water that helps absorb nutrients better
• Oxygen and Hydrogen Rich Anti-Oxidant water that fights premature aging and slow aging
• Anti-bacterial water that prohibits reproduction of bacteria and virus
• Structure enhanced Hexagonal Water which helps restore health
• Source of Essential Minerals: Natural calcium, magnesium, sodium, and potassium ionized minerals are absorbed 100%
• Great tasting water: Enjoy light, clean and smooth taste. Ionized Calcium adds tint of sweetness to the water. Once you taste Alka pi water, you’ll appreciate the taste of clean pure alkaline water.
• Healthy water permanently: Alka pi water does not return to the original state before becoming alkaline. In fact, Alka pi water is the only alkaline water that stays alkaline calcium ionized hexagonal water permanently, even when exposed to sunlight.

• Breakthrough technology changes ordinary water to alkaline ionized calcium hexagonal water naturally.
• Patented Bio-Cal ceramic immediately releases ionized calcium to surrounding water, the same way natural spring water is made.
• No need for electricity and not an electric water ionizer.
• Many diseases and ailments that are caused by over-acidity in our body, such as osteoporosis, diabetes, high blood pressure, skin disorders, stomach and geriatric problems and various types of cancer, may be prevented and their conditions may improve. Drink 5 glasses of Alka pi water every day in addition to your regular diet and routine to optimize the benefit and your health.
• Alka pi filter is the only alkaline filter that is tested safe under FDA Safety Standard.
• Alka pi Filter from Alkapuro can be easily added to many other existing water purifiers.