AV Water solves your water quality problems with Water Treatment Systems for Niagara / Welland / St.Catharines. Clean Water Filtration Systems to ensure you have the best, cleanest water possible.


Depend on AV Water for the right water treatment solution for your household :

  • Water Softeners remove the minerals that cause scale deposits on your fixtures, water heaters and pipes.
  • Iron Filters eliminate fixture staining and the rotten egg smell that results from too much iron in your water.
  • Reverse Osmosis Systems and other Specialty Filters reduce odours, improve flavour, remove particles, and eliminate bacteria and viruses from your water supply.

Tap Water: Appliance failure, excessive soap use, scale buildup

When tap water with high mineral content (hard water) evaporates, it leaves those minerals behind as a grey-white scale. Scale builds up on fixtures and causes premature failure of household appliances like kettles, humidifiers, dishwashers and hot water tanks. Treating your tap water with a water softener prevents scale buildup by removing the minerals that cause it.​

Tap Water: Stains on fixtures sinks & tubs, sulphur odours, metallic flavour

Stains on your fixtures are most commonly caused from a high level of iron compounds in your tap water. Excalibur Water Systems’ iron filters eliminate iron-caused stains by removing iron compounds from your water supply. The rotten egg smell from household water is often caused by excessive sulphur or sulphur compounds in the water supply.​

Drinking Water: Unwanted odours, flavours, and contaminants

From whole house premium water filters to point-of-use reverse osmosis filters for drinking water, Pure water provides you with a wide range of choices to eliminate unwanted odours and/or flavours from your tap water.​