Enalka Neutralizing Cartridges

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    The Enalka Neutralizing Cartridge is clean, sanitized media by using ozonation for disinfection with no impurities being put into your drinking water supply.

    The Enalka Cartridge increases the calcium content in your water supply and increases the PH of distillation (5.8) to 6.8 and reverse osmosis water (6.0) to 7.0. As a result, your drinking water will no longer be acidic, eliminating heartburn and calcium deficiencies.


    Part No. Dimensions Micron Rating Thread Flow rate
    SMF REM275X10 2” x 12” (50 mm x 305 mm) 10 1⁄4” (6 mm) .75 Lpm @ 10 PSI (2.83 Lpm @ .6 BAR)


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