Ultimate Series Water Softener

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    The Ultimate Series Water Softener from AV Water is the pinnacle of water softening technology. This advanced system features a high-capacity resin tank, a high-efficiency digital control head, and a cutting-edge filtration process that removes even the toughest hard water minerals. The result is crystal clear, great-tasting water that is gentle on your skin and clothes. The compact design fits easily into any home and requires minimal maintenance, so you can enjoy worry-free water quality for years to come. Whether you’re looking for a water softener for your home, or for a larger commercial application, the Ultimate Series Water Softener is the ideal choice for anyone who wants the very best in water quality.


    • Allows your softener to only regenerate that part of the resin bed that has been exhausted, which reduces salt usage
    • Adjusts to changes in water conditions so the softener only regenerates when needed
    • Meter monitors daily water use and provides advanced system diagnostics
    • Non-corrosive valve with 6 cycles. The motorized pistons provide more reliability than rotary valve systems
    • Maximum water softening capacity that assures stability and long life. The high-grade quartz under bedding evenly distributes water to maximize flow rates
    • Simple fully programmable electronic water softener that doesn’t waste any water
    • Self-diagnostic service features
    • Best efficiency water softener that uses 80% less salt than traditional water softeners
    • Latest modern design uses as little as 2.5lbs of water softening salt and 17 gallons of water per regeneration
    • High volume control valve for best backwashing, providing the cleanest water softening resin for removing iron and water hardness
    • 10 ppm clear water iron removal
    • 12 Volt AC uses less than $3/yr in electricity
    • Salt-free compatible, when using potassium
    • Premium high flow control valve to satisfy any household soft water demands
    • Regenerates (cleans itself) on demand
    • Power cell, hydro-interruption protection
    • Lifetime warranty

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