EWS Superior Ozone Enhanced Iron/Manganese/Sulphur Filter

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    This system combines a chemical-free iron/sulphur/hydrogen sulphide filter with an ozone injection system.

    The iron filter eliminates staining and discoloured water, while the ozone injection system eliminates iron and sulphur reducing bacteria, keeping your filter bed in top shape and your water clear and pure.


    • Fully programmable electronic control valve
    • Quiet operation
    • Adjustable time cycles for best results
    • Uses less than $3.00 per year to operate 12 volt
    • High flow control valve for premium backwashing
    • Includes ozone injection system
    • Iron, manganese and sulphur removed up to 10ppm
    • Removes all iron and sulphur reducing bacteria
    • Flows from 7 to 20 gallons per minute based on filter size
    • 12 year filter warranty
    • 3 year ozone generator warranty

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