Zentec Aqua Hybrid Ozone Filter

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    This system is designed to solve problem water concerns that are commonly found in lakes and water wells: iron, hydrogen sulfides, manganese and tannins.

    In lakes you will see the water changing from clear to brownish color caused by acid rain decomposing vegetation causing the change in lake water known as tannins, also a form of bacteria.

    Also in water wells, you will see iron, hydrogen sulfide (that rotten egg smell) and manganese including iron and sulfur bacteria.

    Both of these water problems can be solved with the Zentec Aqua Hybrid Ozone System that utilizes our continuous ozone and filtration that provides clean, clear filtered water.


    • Continuous ozone oxidization injection with mazzei
    • Contact retention mixing tank with bypass kit
    • Flow switch oxidization operation feature
    • Ozone enhanced oxygen generator
    • Filter with electronic demand timer fully programmable
    • Recirculation pump with timer relay operation box
    • Filters Iron, Hydrogen Sulfides & Manganese
    • Additional filter required for the removal of Tannins
    • Flow rates available up to 10 gpm
    • 5 Year Warranty Filter, 3 Year Warranty Ozone Injection

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