Kinetico Calcite Backwashing Filter

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    The Kinetico Calcite Backwashing Filter is a premium water filtration system designed to address hard water problems and provide clean, healthy water for your home. This filter utilizes calcite, a natural mineral, to neutralize water’s acidity and raise its pH, effectively reducing the levels of hardness minerals such as calcium and magnesium. As a result, the Kinetico Calcite Backwashing Filter improves the taste and odor of your water and helps prevent the buildup of hard water deposits in your pipes and appliances. The backwashing feature ensures that the filter stays effective and operates at peak efficiency, making it a low-maintenance solution for your water filtration needs. Get the benefits of clean and healthy water with the Kinetico Calcite Backwashing Filter.

    The Kinetico Calcite Backwashing Filter is a dual-tank system that filters turbidity and raises pH, eliminating corrosion problems from acidic water.

    Our dual-tank filter addresses problems associated with acidic water (blue-green stains on copper fixtures or pipes, or in tubs and sinks) by using calcite to raise the pH of your water to a neutral level of 7.


    • Dual Tanks: Twin tanks accommodate higher flow rates needed in multi-person and larger homes, while the Kinetico non-electric control valve provides on-demand backwashing.
    • Non-Electric Operation: Our hands-off non-electric systems meter water usage with watch-like precision, resulting in less waste and greater savings.
    • On-Demand Backwashing: Systems meter water use and backwash based on actual usage. You won’t waste water on unnecessary backwashing.



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