Kinetico Carbon Backwashing Filter

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    The Kinetico Carbon Backwashing Filter from AV Water effectively removes chlorine, chemicals, and organic contaminants from your water supply. This filter features a high-quality carbon filter media that provides clean, healthy water for you and your family. It is easy to maintain and features a backwashing process that keeps the filter media in optimal condition, ensuring long-lasting performance. Experience the benefits of clean and pure water with the Kinetico Carbon Backwashing Filter.

    The Carbon Backwashing Filter refreshes water by removing chlorine, taste and odor.

    Kinetico’s twin-tank Carbon Backwashing Filter uses a coconut shell carbon media for whole house removal of chlorine, tastes and odors from water.


    • Dual Tank System: The two tanks, which contain coconut shell media, accommodate higher flow rates needed in multi-person and larger homes.
    • Non-Electric Operation: Our non-electric control valve provides on-demand backwashing.
    • Inexpensive Operation: Systems meter water and backwash based on actual usage. You won’t waste water on unnecessary backwashing.


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